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08 November 2015 @ 08:45 pm

i think i found it

it was my icon on last.fm

i THINK it's the same one...tbh it looks not right, so i don't know if i used some random other edit for my last.fm profile or whatever

but it'll have to do.

i wanted it as an icon for ao3, lol.
Current Mood: sillysilly
03 November 2015 @ 11:30 pm

i can't find my old default icon :(

i mean, i had that old... this pendant one

but then i had another terribly cropped one (that doesn't help narrow it down) from the rolling stone photo and despite being a packrat i cannot for the life of me locate it!

am disappoint.
16 April 2014 @ 10:03 pm
Nick Carter got married. That happened.
28 November 2000 @ 01:21 am

Friends Only

sorry about that.

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